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Chess Mix - Sobre nosotros

Chess Mix is the brainchild of grandmaster Ventzislav Inkiov. GM Inkiov has been an active chess competitor for years, he has been the champion of Bulgaria and he has participated in 6 Olympiads. He has won numerous prizes in international tournaments and he has been victorious in plenty of them as well. 

This harmoniously functioning tandem created back in the year 2003 one of the most respected Internet chess.
Chess Mix is equipped with everything a professional chess player can dream of. It includes a calendar of the oncoming chess events, the most up-to-date chess games database of the recently played tournaments, the possibility to find out a club to play in, and logistical assistance in the organization of travels as well as numerous other useful things.

The news section of Chess Mix informs you about the latest competitions and you can find daily Information there not only about the super-tournaments, but also about regional events all over the world.

Presently, we would like to present a new idea to the chess-fans. We start an online chess club, in which, besides the sharply fought battles on the 64 black and white squares, you can discuss chess, comment games and events and even take lessons with famous grandmasters etc.

We plan to accomplish all that in the near future with the help of our faithful visitors and the latest technological achievements and novelties in the field of the web development.

The team behind www.chessmix.com has taken part in numerous other chess projects throughout the years.
Here are some of the most significant among them:

The super-tournament М-TEL Masters, which has been held in Sofia, Bulgaria annually.
2006 - www.mtelmasters06.com
2007 - www.mtelmasters.com/2007/
2008 - www.mtelmasters.com
European Individual Championships for men and women in 2008 - www.eicc2008.com
European Team Championships for men and women in 2003 - www.etcc.chessbg.com
Memorial Tournament Kesarovsky – Georgiev - www.sunnybeach-chess.com
Bulgarian Chess Federation - www.chessbg.com


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